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Run, Jump, and Slide with Subway Surfers APK Toto on Android

Subway Surfers APK Toto: A Guide to Download and Play the Popular Arcade Game

Do you love arcade games that are fast-paced, colorful, and fun? If so, you might want to try Subway Surfers APK Toto, a modified version of the original Subway Surfers game that offers unlimited coins, keys, and other perks. In this article, we will tell you what Subway Surfers APK Toto is, how to download and install it, and how to play it like a pro. Let's get started!

What is Subway Surfers APK Toto?

Subway Surfers APK Toto is a modified version of Subway Surfers, one of the most popular arcade games in the world. Subway Surfers is a game where you have to run away from the grumpy inspector and his dog, while dodging trains, obstacles, and collecting coins and power-ups. You can also customize your character, unlock new hoverboards, and explore different cities around the world.

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The origin and features of Subway Surfers APK Toto

Subway Surfers APK Toto was created by a group of developers who wanted to provide a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for the players. They modified the original game's code and added some features that are not available in the official version. Some of these features are:

  • Unlimited coins and keys: You can buy anything you want in the game without worrying about running out of money.

  • Unlocked characters and hoverboards: You can choose any character or hoverboard you like without having to complete missions or achievements.

  • No ads: You can play the game without any interruptions or distractions from annoying ads.

  • No root required: You can install the game on your Android device without having to root it or modify its system settings.

The benefits and drawbacks of Subway Surfers APK Toto

Subway Surfers APK Toto has some benefits and drawbacks that you should consider before downloading it. Here are some of them:

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  • Benefits:

  • You can enjoy the game more with unlimited resources and options.

  • You can save time and effort by not having to complete missions or achievements.

  • You can avoid ads and pop-ups that might ruin your gaming experience.

  • Drawbacks:

  • You might lose interest in the game faster because there is no challenge or goal.

  • You might face some compatibility or security issues because the game is not officially supported or updated by the developers.

  • You might violate the terms and conditions of the original game and risk getting banned or suspended.

How to download and install Subway Surfers APK Toto?

If you decide to try Subway Surfers APK Toto, you will need to download and install it on your Android device. Here are the steps to do so:

The steps to download Subway Surfers APK Toto from APKCombo

  • Go to , a website that offers free and safe APK downloads for various Android apps and games.

  • Type "Subway Surfers" in the search bar and click on the result that says "Subway Surfers APK (Android Game) - Free Download".

  • Scroll down until you see a section that says "Old Versions" and click on "See more".

  • Find the version that says "Subway Surfers 1.118.0 (Toto)" and click on the download button next to it.

  • Wait for the download to finish and save the file on your device.

The steps to install Subway Surfers APK Toto on your Android device

  • Before you install the game, you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on.

  • Locate the downloaded file on your device and tap on it to start the installation process.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the installation to complete.

  • Once the installation is done, you can launch the game and enjoy Subway Surfers APK Toto.

How to play Subway Surfers APK Toto?

Playing Subway Surfers APK Toto is similar to playing the original game, but with some extra features and advantages. Here are some tips on how to play the game:

The gameplay and controls of Subway Surfers APK Toto

The gameplay of Subway Surfers APK Toto is simple and addictive. You have to run as far as you can while avoiding obstacles, trains, and the inspector. You can also collect coins, power-ups, and other items along the way. You can use these coins to buy new characters, hoverboards, outfits, and upgrades in the shop. You can also use keys to revive yourself if you get caught or crash.

The controls of Subway Surfers APK Toto are easy and intuitive. You can swipe left or right to change lanes, swipe up to jump, swipe down to roll, and double-tap to activate your hoverboard. You can also tilt your device to move sideways and collect more coins.

The tips and tricks to master Subway Surfers APK Toto

If you want to improve your skills and score higher in Subway Surfers APK Toto, here are some tips and tricks that you can use:

  • Use the hoverboard wisely: The hoverboard can help you avoid obstacles and get a speed boost. However, it has a limited duration and a cooldown time. Therefore, you should use it when you really need it, such as when you encounter a difficult situation or when you want to escape from the inspector.

  • Upgrade your power-ups: The power-ups can give you various advantages, such as magnetizing coins, multiplying your score, or making you invincible. However, they also have a limited duration and a cooldown time. Therefore, you should upgrade them in the shop to make them last longer and appear more frequently.

  • Complete missions and achievements: The missions and achievements can give you extra coins, keys, and rewards. They also increase your multiplier, which means you can score higher. Therefore, you should try to complete them as much as possible.

  • Explore different locations: The game features different locations that change every few weeks. Each location has its own theme, scenery, obstacles, and characters. Therefore, you should explore them and enjoy the variety and challenge they offer.


Subway Surfers APK Toto is a modified version of Subway Surfers that offers unlimited coins, keys, unlocked characters and hoverboards, no ads, and no root required. It is a fun and exciting arcade game that you can download and install on your Android device easily. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as losing interest faster, facing compatibility or security issues, or violating the terms of the original game. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons before trying it out.

If you are interested in Subway Surfers APK Toto, you can follow the steps we provided above to download and install it on your device. You can also use our tips and tricks to play it like a pro. We hope you enjoy Subway Surfers APK Toto and have a great time running away from the inspector!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Subway Surfers APK Toto:

  • Is Subway Surfers APK Toto safe?

Subway Surfers APK Toto is not officially supported or endorsed by the developers of Subway Surfers. Therefore, it might not be safe or secure for your device or account. You should download and install it at your own risk and discretion.

  • What is the difference between Subway Surfers APK Toto and Subway Surfers MOD APK?

Subway Surfers APK Toto and Subway Surfers MOD APK are both modified versions of Subway Surfers that offer unlimited coins, keys, unlocked characters and hoverboards, no ads, and no root required. However, they are created by different developers and might have different features or updates. You should check the details and reviews of each version before downloading them.

  • Can I play Subway Surfers APK Toto online with other players?

Subway Surfers APK Toto is not compatible with the online mode of Subway Surfer


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