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KinnPorsche The Series La Forte Episode 12 Download - Enjoy the Latest Episode of the Thai BL Adaptation

Download KinnPorsche Ep 12: A Review of the Latest Episode of the Thai BL Series

If you are a fan of Thai BL (boys' love) series, you might have heard of KinnPorsche, one of the most popular and controversial shows in this genre. The series has been airing since January 2022 and has attracted a lot of attention from both local and international audiences. The latest episode, KinnPorsche Ep 12, was released on June 25, 2022, and it was full of drama, romance, and action. In this article, we will give you a review of KinnPorsche Ep 12, as well as some tips on how to download it online.

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What is KinnPorsche?

KinnPorsche is a Thai BL series based on a novel by LazySheep. It tells the story of Kinn Anakinn (played by Bank Thiti), a young heir of a mafia family, and Porsche Pitchaya (played by Nau Nontanee), a law student who becomes his bodyguard. The series follows their relationship as they face various challenges from their enemies, their families, and their own feelings.

The plot and the characters of the series

The series begins with Porsche being kidnapped by Kinn's rival gang, who mistake him for Kinn's lover. Kinn rescues Porsche and offers him a deal: he will pay for his tuition fees and living expenses if he agrees to be his bodyguard for three months. Porsche reluctantly accepts, as he needs money to support his family and his education. However, he soon realizes that being Kinn's bodyguard is not an easy task, as he has to deal with Kinn's enemies, his temper, and his seduction.

As the series progresses, Porsche and Kinn develop feelings for each other, but they also face many obstacles. Kinn has to deal with his family's expectations, his rival gang's attacks, and his past trauma. Porsche has to deal with his own family's problems, his law school's pressure, and his moral dilemma. They also have to deal with their friends and foes, such as Farm (played by JJ Chayakorn), Kinn's childhood friend who loves him secretly; Wayu (played by First Chalongrat), Porsche's best friend who supports him unconditionally; Vegas (played by Boss Thanabat), Kinn's cousin who hates him deeply; and Pete (played by Perth Nakhun), Vegas's lover who becomes Porsche's friend.

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The popularity and the controversy of the series

KinnPorsche has become one of the most popular Thai BL series in 2022, thanks to its captivating plot, its attractive cast, its high production quality, and its loyal fan base. The series has received positive reviews from both fans and critics, who praised its acting, its cinematography, its soundtrack, and its storyline. The series has also gained international recognition, as it has been broadcasted in various countries and platforms, such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru etc.

However, KinnPorsche has also faced some controversy due to its portrayal of violence, sexuality , and morality. Some viewers have criticized the series for glorifying violence, promoting unhealthy relationships, and disrespecting the law. Some viewers have also complained about the censorship and the editing of some scenes, especially the intimate ones. The series has also faced some legal issues, such as plagiarism accusations, trademark disputes, and broadcasting rights conflicts.

What happened in KinnPorsche Ep 12?

KinnPorsche Ep 12 was the penultimate episode of the series, and it was one of the most anticipated and dramatic ones. The episode had a lot of twists and turns, as well as some emotional and romantic moments. Here are some of the main events that happened in KinnPorsche Ep 12:

The summary of the episode

The episode started with Kinn and Porsche having a heated argument, as Kinn accused Porsche of betraying him by leaking his secrets to Vegas. Porsche denied the accusation, but Kinn did not believe him and kicked him out of his house. Porsche was hurt and angry, and he decided to leave Kinn for good.

Meanwhile, Vegas and Pete were planning to take down Kinn once and for all, by using the information that they got from Porsche's phone. They hired some hitmen to ambush Kinn at his office, but they did not know that Kinn had already prepared for their attack. Kinn managed to fight back and escape, but he was injured in the process.

Porsche found out about the attack from Wayu, and he rushed to Kinn's office to check on him. He saw Kinn lying on the floor, bleeding and unconscious. He tried to help him, but Kinn woke up and pushed him away. He blamed Porsche for being responsible for the attack, and he told him to leave him alone.

Porsche was heartbroken and confused, and he did not know what to do. He decided to go back to his hometown with his family, and he tried to forget about Kinn. However, he could not stop thinking about him, and he realized that he still loved him.

Kinn also realized that he made a mistake by pushing Porsche away, and he regretted his actions. He tried to contact Porsche, but he could not reach him. He found out that Porsche had left Bangkok, and he decided to follow him.

Kinn arrived at Porsche's hometown, and he saw him at a temple festival. He approached him and apologized to him. He confessed his feelings to him, and he asked him to come back with him. Porsche was surprised and touched by Kinn's words, and he agreed to give him another chance.

Kinn and Porsche hugged each other and kissed passionately, unaware that someone was watching them from afar. It was Vegas, who had followed Kinn to Porsche's hometown. He was furious and jealous, and he swore to get his revenge on them.

The highlights of the episode

KinnPorsche Ep 12 had many memorable scenes that made the fans swoon, cry, or scream. Some of the highlights of the episode were:

  • The scene where Kinn rescued Porsche from a group of thugs who tried to harass him at a gas station. Kinn showed his protective side, as he beat up the thugs and warned them not to touch his man.

  • The scene where Porsche cooked for Kinn at his house. Porsche showed his caring side, as he prepared a delicious meal for Kinn and fed him with a spoon.

  • The scene where Kinn and Porsche had a romantic date at a rooftop restaurant. They shared their feelings, their dreams, and their fears with each other. They also danced together under the stars.

  • The scene where Kinn gave Porsche a necklace with a pendant that had their initials engraved on it. He told Porsche that it was a symbol of their bond, and that he wanted to be with him forever.

  • The scene where Kinn and Porsche made love for the first time. They expressed their love for each other with their words, their kisses, and their bodies.

The reactions of the fans and the critics

KinnPorsche Ep 12 received mixed reactions from the fans and the critics. Some of them loved the episode, as they found it romantic, exciting, and satisfying. They praised the chemistry between Bank Thiti and Nau Nontanee, the acting of the supporting cast, the direction of the scenes, and the music of the episode. They also appreciated the development of the main couple's relationship, as well as the resolution of some of the conflicts in the series. However, some of them disliked the episode, as they found it clichéd, unrealistic, and disappointing. They criticized the plot holes, the inconsistencies, the lack of logic, and the poor editing of the episode. They also complained about the excessive violence, the explicit sex scenes, and the moral ambiguity of the series. How to download KinnPorsche Ep 12?

If you want to watch KinnPorsche Ep 12 again, or if you missed it when it was aired, you might want to down


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